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Rental Services

Learn about Koyou Rentia's rental service.

KOYOU's comprehensive solutions

Pioneering general equipment rental services, we, Koyou Rentia, offer not only a wide variety of rental equipment but also integrated solutions encompassing space planning that incorporates customers' wishes into tangible layouts, IT infrastructure construction and maintenance in response to customer needs.

One-stop service

Space planning, Design proposal for Equipment and network.

We propose office planning design from our experience and knowledge reflected from our client's requirement.

Delivery and installation, Different kinds of work oriented to customer needs

We deliver the necessary equipment on a timely basis from our nine logistics centers around the county to quickly implement the construction of LAN environments and installation of equipment and devices.

Additions and alterantion of equipments, Maintenance services

Expansion or relocation of an office often requires a change in the quantity of equipment required for the layout.
We regularly offer services to add or replace equipment as well as other device maintenance services.


After the use of an office or an event venue, our well experienced staff swiftly remove rented equipment, freeing customers of the cumbersome removal work.

Equipment maintenance

Returned equipments from our client going through a repairing process at our factory, which would turn into as a new condition, ready for new clients.

Support system

STEP1 Contact, STEP2 Meeting Estimate, STEP3 Application, STEP4 Delivery, STEP5 Utilization, STEP6 Removal

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KOYOU's strengths

Inventory capacity
We have one of the widest varieties of products in stock in the general equipment rental industry. Holding goods in large quantities, we are capable of swiftly responding to any needs for rental services.
Development capability
We have independently developed steel products that are frequently used. We create items with stylishness/sophistication, quality and environment friendly.
Maintenance skills
We own advanced maintenance technologies for restoring goods to reduce resource consumption.
IT support capacity
We are ready to carry out complete setup of IT environments, which includes all processes from the selection of optimal equipment to network construction.
Nationwide service coverage
KOYOU Group covers a whole nation to service our clients with our logistices and service store network.