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Solar Power Generation System Rental Service

Learn about the features of Koyou Rentia's solar power system rental service

We deal with solar power generation systems and other environmental equipment to explore the potential of the rental service and energy sources friendly to the planet in a bid to offer rental services matched with the needs of the new era.

We offer extensive services including the rental and sales of small/mega solar systems

We offer both short-term rental and sales according to the installation location and purpose of use in order to support customers' environmental conservation activities.

From one-day rental to sales

Even just one day!

With more than 40 years of experience in equipment rental, we can respond to customers' requests for rental solar panels whether for just one day or for longer.

From 1kW generators to mega-solar systems

Diverse system support!

On the basis of our ample experience and construction track records, we are capable of offering and installing a wide range of systems from low-power systems to mega-solar systems.

Delivering even a single pile anywhere in Japan

Delivery anywhere in Japan!

Irrespective of the quantity introduced, we will flexibly respond to orders across the country.

Our projects