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We offer an array of environmentally friendly products with our original 3R system.

Our whole rental system is defined by our original 3R. In order to enable customers to use rental items long term, we strive to increase the strength and reduce the weight of products and to minimize the number of parts used to cut wasteful consumption of resources. We manage product use history to carry out our customized maintenance for products. We are thus working proactively to reduce our environmental impact.


Examples of developed products

Maximize to share common parts for our wide variety product line-up, we are aiming to achieve smooth requse and recycling.


With our rental service, you can rent the necessary items at the necessary time in the necessary quantity for the necessary period.
In addition to its convenience and cost advantage, this service is also an environmental friendly system in which items are continuously reused.


We gather experience and technologies cultivated by the KOYOU Group in the rental business to operate second-hand stores at various locations across the country. For local and corporate customers, we provide high quality furniture, appliances and office equipment at low prices. We offer second-hand items that are different from conventional items and reduce wasteful consumption of resources in an effort to lessen our impact on the environmental.